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NLJ's Support Team


Please check out our team below

InterIor designer and field engineer

Meet Christina: She is one of Brentwood Tennessee's up and coming interior designers. In addition to designing she is our only female field engineer's. As a professional Interior Designer for the last 5 plus years, she has studied under some of the most influential and well known designers around. She is able to bring all of your ideals to life. 

Financial advisor

Meet Kendell: She deals with all of the finances. Kendell comes from the money capital which is Wall St. She has over 20 years of service and knows about the assets and liabilities to make a company succeed.

Field engineer

Meet Jerome:He is a bright and hardworking youngman. His specialty is flooring and he has been around for about 6 years and soon to be enrolled in courses to obtain HVAC licence.

Field engineer trainee

Meet Jamison: He is new on the scene and is a go-getter. He is training under the field engineers and enrolled in courses to obtain his licences.


Contract Services,LLC

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